How To Market From Your Smart Phone

You know, flowactivo just a few years ago doing something like using a cell phone for business activities like, presenting your ideas in person to your clients or customers would have been just crazy. Now small businesses have opportunity to use smart phones to offer up a variety of information about themselves or their business. This is a great way to spread the word about you and your business. The technology has come to age which allows us to become more personally connected with our clients and customers. With today’s mobile devices we can change the way we do business at a reasonable cost to even the smallest business. smartblogideas

Just think of the many devices at your fingertips to help you enhance what you do best, things like the iPhone, iPad, blackberry’s, and Android phones along with all the applications available for what ever you’re working on.

You now have the ability to do take photo’s, videos, and sound recordings, then send them to blogs, and other social media via email from where ever you are at. This is to your advantage. You can update clients, work progress on a repair and many other things that you do depending on the type of business. Ideas are endless! autoperformancepartsdirect

Here are some ways to use smart phone devices with your business:


  • To help your sales men close sales
  • Your source to get the right repair parts for a job and get them into the hand of your repair staff
  • To help deliver goods and services to customers or clients
  • Help manage inventory and supply levels
  • Makes it possible to make payments outside the office
  • Sign documents or fill out forms


If your company and staff are currently using smart phone devices for any of their daily business give yourself a gold star.

Below, I put together some ideas for integrating smart phone devices into your business operations. This should help you generate more revenue, improve your bottom line, and deliver better customer service.

1, Equip your staff – Say you have repair person on site at a customer home, what a snap it would be to have a close-up photo of a broken part or problem and immediately send it back to your business. This will avoid delays and unnecessary running around. gambleonlineblog

2, Before and after shots – Great for people who remodel or reconstruct an area, this technique is recommended as a way to show photos of your progress on your iPhone or iPad. This procedure using a time line of progress with photos has a way of convincing your client immediately, on the spot about your services.

3, Tracking apps – There are a variety of applications for smart phones that make it possible for you to track packages, so if your client or customer wants to know what the status of a shipment is; it’s easy, just check from your phone. There are all types’ applications for phones like, iPhone, androids, windows, and blackberry mommasays

4, Create documents on handheld devices – Applications like Google docs and many others make it possible for you to deliver or change documents such as proposals or contracts on the fly.

5, Sign documents from your mobile device – Now you can have a document filled out and singed from the convenience of your smart phone with a fill in form app, then add a digital signature, without needing to print or fax documents back and forth.

6, Put QR Codes on items to give more information – QR codes are 2-dimensional codes that you can create and print on documents such as marketing materials and even on websites. Most smart phones have applications to read these QR codes,. It’s simple just open application point camera at the image and BAM, it will san and you get information directly to your phone or it can redirect you to a Web page. You might use QR codes to provide more product details or even coupons and discounts.

7, Sales man on your smart phone – You can carry all your catalog information and images to show clients right on your smart phone. You can even email selected information to the customer or clients and print out locally on their printer, on the spot. How cool is that!

8, Give presentations – If you have a sales presentation and you’re with one or two people, there’s no need to bring a laptop and projector, just get out your iPad and present your materials off of that. I’m sure you could think of more, but use this as a way to generate some ideas of your own. I hope you find this helpful when marketing your business.


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