Political Slant Of North Korean News

When looking at the news articles coming out of North Korea it is clear that they are concerned with keeping the hopes of independent reunification alive. The tops news stories are entitled, “New Era of Reunification and Prosperity Will Come in 2008” and “More Mass Rallies Held.” The first article explains that reunification is only possible is both sides are willing to join, this obvious statement does not include the fact that the many people in North Korea have wanted to be reunited to South Korea for a long time and it is the strict and corrupt government of the North that has been making this reunification impossible. One other story spoke out against the Japanese decision to shorten the chain of command for activating their anti missile network. The North Koreans have taken this as a threat and viewed it as Japan flexing their missile muscles.

Compared to news in the United States the articles seem very short and somewhat low on factual information. Furthermore the articles are repetitive when it comes to the issue of independent reunification. One other difference that the Korean news has from American News is that the Korean articles call on the people of the nation to continue struggling for peace, 링크사이트 in America it seems there is no need, most of the time, to call on the people of our nation to struggle or for any other reason.

By reading the articles I learned that there is a lot of conflict in North Korea because so many of the articles are talking about desired peace, reunification, and prosperity. But reunification seems like a somewhat false topic because it seems to me that the Government of North Korea has no desire to reunite with South Korea unless they are granted un-realistic rights in the new united country.

There are political slants in the North Korean news particularly in the article involving Japans decision to streamline their anti missile command chain. Until recently the Japanese defense minister had to get approval from the Japanese Prime Minister before they the Defense Minister could enact the anti missile defense, but now the Defense Minister can activate the anti missile defense by himself. This enables Japan to react faster to a missile attack against their nation. North Korea has taken Japans increased faster possible response as Japan getting ready for a preemptive strike. North Korea has taken a simple change in the line of command and twisted it into an excuse to accuse Japan of preparing for an attack.


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