House Portraits To Own And Treasure

If you feel immensely proud of the home you live in and want to show off your property to all and sundry you should consider the option of commissioning a portrait or painting of the building for posterity. House portraits were once the big rage and again are finding favor with homeowners from a variety of backgrounds. You should not think that you need to live in a stately home to consider having a portrait of the building made; even those of us in relatively small properties can commission an artist to put down on canvas an image of the building that would last for decades if not longer.

Our homes are a place that have and hold a lot of memories for us. They are the location where many important events take place, for example we watch our children grow up and our relationships with our partners develop. Perhaps your current property is the place you have moved to after getting married to your sweetheart. Whatever the reason, a house portrait can allow you to have a snap shot of the building as it is today and be kept for time eternal. It may happen that the building changes considerably over the coming years and decades, a painting would ensure you never forget how it originally appeared. A portrait would allow you to capture and immortalize your personal memories.

Perhaps you are looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member. A house portrait would definitely fall into such a category. Unfortunately today there is a trend for digital photography which cannot capture the true essence of a building or a scene. By choosing an artist to carry out a house portrait you can be certain that the recipient of the picture would be overwhelmed by your unique choice of gift. watercolor home portrait

Can you remember the home that you grew up in? Unfortunately many of us cannot. It is often with hindsight that we wished we had a relative who had commissioned a painting of our childhood home. You can ensure that your kids never feel such a loss. A portrait can be preserved and cherished for generations. It would be a family keepsake that can be passed on with other heirlooms such as old jewelry and furniture.

You should not think that commissioning a watercolor or oil portrait of your home would be difficult. In fact today it has never been so easy. A quick search online would provide you with information and the contact details for a range of artists who could carry out such work. The artists do not even have to visit your home, all that they would require is to be given a number of photographs of the building that have been taken in various lighting conditions. It would not take a professional artist long to create a portrait that is loved and cherished for a long time. If you have an old property and are planning extensive renovation work, choosing to have a painting carried out prior to the changes being made would ensure that the original appearance lives on eternally.

By having a portrait made you can also opt to have the image used on a range of items such as birthday cards, Christmas cards, letterheads, and the like. You can be sure that the beauty of your home will not be lost to time.

If you want to have a portrait with an old world feel you could ask the artist to create a sepia tinted picture. This would give the image a classic feel that would provide nostalgia and warmth no matter where you choose to display it. If on the other hand you are after a more delicate look why not opt for a pencil sketch rendering. This would give the portrait a softness which would not be available through other mediums.

Before commissioning any artist to undertake the project, always take the time to check out as much of their work as possible. No two artists have the same style. The more artists you check out and compare the better chance there would be of being happy with the finished results.

A house portrait does not have to be a costly proposition, you can order an original piece for a price that is more than affordable. At the end of the day we cannot put a price on a piece of history that will be treasured for generations to come. For under a hundred dollars you can have a unique family keepsake that your children and grandchildren will appreciate for the rest of their lives.


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