A Guide to Self Mastery And Mind Power

I’m assuming you have heard about how we can all “attract” good things into our lives by using the power of our minds. This is true, yes, but there needs to be some understanding about it in order for it to work. What must we do to train our minds? How can we use our training to attract anything we want? ideasandmind

First you must realize that by training your mind, you won’t be necessarily be receiving the things you “want”. The things we think we want may not always be what we REALLY want. I’m sure you have heard something similar plenty of times before. And there is a reason many people make that claim. You must understand that we attract through our subconscious mind, not our conscious mind. Unfortunately we don’t always know what it is our subconscious wants. Even if you want money and luck and fame, you subconsciously may not feel you deserve those things. Why? Well it could be a number of things. From the day you were born until now, you may have been told over and over again that “money is the root of all evil”. “Money makes people selfish”. “Fame can be a bad thing”. I’m sure you get the point. Even if you don’t agree with those statements (and I know I don’t), they could have been pounded into your subconscious enough times for your subconscious to be influenced by it. The question is, how can you know? And how can you reprogram your subconscious?

One way you could tell is by looking at your life. How would you rate the follow areas from 1 – 10?

Love and Relationships

Business / Work Success

School Experience


Money and Finances

Health and Diet


How do you rate your life up to this point?

If you didn’t give yourself a high score in all of those areas, then you know that your subconscious could use some work.

I also want you to take a look at your dreams. Keep a dream diary if you have to. Write in it the second you wake up, even from just a small nap. Even if you don’t think you will remember much. Even if you can only remember a few words, then write those few words down. I promise that if you keep this up, you will start to remember your dreams better. You will notice they become more vivid. Take a look at your diary every few days to study your dreams. If overall they seem like happy, positive dreams, then you are subconsciously happy. This means that the things your conscious mind finds happy agrees with your subconscious mind. This is a very good thing because it means everything is aligned enough for you to attract positivity into your life. ideashackers

If overall your dreams seem bland, unexciting, or even upsetting, it could be a sign that your subconscious mind isn’t aligned with your conscious desires. This could mean that you’re not attracting all the luck and success and love that you wish. So what do you do? Well there are many exercises to help reprogram the subconscious mind. Many of them might cost you money, such as NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and hypnosis, subliminal messages, self help cds, etc.. But there are also things you can do to help without paying any money at all.

Now remember, this goes beyond some of the things that I’m sure you may have already tried. This takes more than affirmations, raising your vibrations, and receiving healing energy. Although those things are very, very helpful, they’re not always enough for some of us. Some of us still have work to do on reprogramming our subconscious. For those of you who are totally new to these ideas, then I suggest you do them as well as the next steps. Affirmations are positive thoughts that we can repeat over and over and over again as a reminder to stay positive. “I am feeling happy today.” “I have wonderful things happening in my life!” “I am filled with good luck!” “I have all the money I need!” Raising your vibes can consist of anything you say or do that makes you feel happy and positive. Do you have any hobbies that fill you with absolute joy? Jogging? Dancing? Joking with friends and laughing? Listening to uplifting music? Watching funny movies? Try to spend at least a half hour a day doing something that makes you truly happy. Do this nonstop for at least 30 minutes, along with affirmations. Remember to keep your affirmations positive. Never use a negative word. For instance, you could say “I am wealthy! I am thankful for being wealthy!”, but never say “I am not wealthy now but I will be”. You always want to align your subconscious with positive words, never any negative ones.


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