Teens: Your Body Image

Young people these days are bombarded by media messages every day.We watch TV shows and movies with perfect looking actors, or read fashion magazines picturing top models.

How can we not end up feeling inadequate in comparison? We compare our looks to those of actors and models, and then feel awful because we aren’t as skinny, get paid for pictures of your body or don’t have the same straight nose, or the same hair, or big eyes etc.

What we don’t know is how many plastic surgery procedures the models may have gone through, or how the photos are touched up and airbrushed, or how many actors and models feel the need to starve themselves to maintain their demanded body weight. The models appear to have it all because of their looks, but do we really know if they are happy? Would you be happy if millions of people were judging your body on screen or in magazines? Would you be happy if you rarely got to eat?

No wonder there are so many ads for weight loss wonder pills and instant diet plans. We see ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures that lead us to believe our lives will be perfect if we can just lose the weight. Then we will be beautiful, right?

Again, what the media doesn’t tell us is that many of the people in those ‘miracle’ weight loss commercials get paid quite handsomely to lose weight, Buy mdma and are even using other methods beside the product advertised. And they don’t tell us how many of these people gain the weight back and then some after the diet is over.

These companies spend millions of dollars on marketing figuring out new ways of attracting people to their product. So be aware of the big, bad advertising monsters that make you feel like you have to look a certain way to be a worth-while person.

Also another big influence can be when your friends and/or family members who are actually not overweight, but still say they need to lose some weight. The question you may ask then is, if they need to lose weight, do you also need to lose weight? Shouldn’t you also be unhappy with your body? It seems like the pressure to be skinny never ends.

Unfortunately excessive and prolonged dieting can lead to an eating disorder as well.

The fact is, overeating is usually caused by emotions. You may notice that when you feel tired, angry or lonely, you reach for a cookie or another slice of pizza. e-girlheaven

Next time you eat, ask yourself the question, ‘Am I eating because I feel hungry or is there another reason?’
Eat a variety of foods, and make fruits and veggies part of your daily food intake. If you are not already doing so, find a sport that you enjoy. It might take a few tries for you to find the sport that fits you best, but keep looking. Being physically active will help you feel better about your body.

Unfortunately, some sports nowadays do cost a lot of money, which can create a big problem for teens. If that is the case, there are other ways to keep your body fit. Going for walks with your dog (or your friends), aniioki go bicycling, play Frisbee, jump rope, just get moving. Even mowing the lawn is good exercise, and you may also be able to charge for it and make some money on the side!


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