Celebrate Christmas In Arizona Or Las Vegas By Taking An Airplane Tour Of The Grand Canyon

Christmas will soon be here, and with it comes vacations and fun experiences. Wish you could do something exciting for the occasion? If it’s adventure, fun, and a day to remember you want, then an airplane tour of the Grand Canyon is the ideal choice. These tours depart from Vegas and from Tusayan, but they fill up fast this time of year, so you need to get your tickets soon. puertomaldonadotours

The Tours From Tusayan, Arizona

Although the air tours out of Tusayan aren’t as popular as the tours that depart from Vegas, they are still worth a look. Tusayan is much less crowded than Vegas because Vegas is such a popular travel destination in itself, therefore, most people take Canyon tours that leave from Vegas and that leaves the Tusayan tours less crowded. The benefit besides fewer tourists to contend with is that the Tusayan tours fly over the South Rim, and that part of the Canyon is well known for its scenic beauty.

You can pick a 30 minute air tour that takes you to the North Rim and then circles back to the South Rim, or you can book a longer, 50-minute flight that covers the same ground, but adds on a leg to the eastern edge of the park. You’ll see much more on the longer tour, so book it if you can, and you’ll fly over 75 percent of the park. These tours are convenient from most of the major cities in Arizona, sport tape but if you are in Vegas, you can still tour the South Rim if you add on an hour flight from Vegas to Tusayan first.

You can even upgrade these air tours to include a Jeep excursion through the park. The ground tour lasts about two hours, and that is plenty of time to take in the highlights of the South Rim. You’ll have some amazing photo ops during your tour because of the magnificent scenery you’ll get to see.

Air Tours From Vegas

The airplane tours operate throughout the holiday season except for Christmas Day when no airplane tours are available. The flight from Vegas to the Canyon is picturesque, and you’ll even get to fly over the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead along the way. Then, when your airplane arrives at the West Rim, you’ll be treated to a scenic flyover of the Canyon.

Instead of an air-only tour, you can book a landing tour at the West Rim, and you should do one of these if you can because you can add on a helicopter descent to the Canyon floor.

The tours that land on the bottom of the Canyon come with a fun champagne picnic and the opportunity to add on a scenic boat ride on the Colorado River that flows along the base of the Canyon walls. Seeing the Canyon from the bottom is a unique experience, and the view is beautiful.

Tours also land on top of the rim, and those are fun too because that is where the Skywalk is located. The Skywalk is a massive viewing platform that allows you to have fabulous view of the Canyon. The floor is made of glass so you can see through it all the way to the Canyon floor 4000 feet blow it. You’ll be able to walk on the transparent floor 70 feet beyond the edge of the Canyon, so it is a thrilling experience.

About The Airplanes Used On The Tours

Airplane tours cost less than helicopter tours, but you’ll still get a great sightseeing adventure. Since the planes take 19 people per flight, if you’re traveling with a big family or group, you can all fly together. You’ll even be provided with an audio guide during your tour that is available in various languages. These planes have large viewing windows, Jeeter comfortable bucket seating, and there are no obstructed views since the wings are top-mounted. The tour airplanes and helicopters fly the same flight path, the only difference is the airplanes fly at a higher altitude.

Dress For The Weather

Christmas in the Canyon brings cold weather, so be sure to dress warm if you are going on a landing tour. Dress in layers and top them with a winter jacket. If you plan to take a Jeep ride at the South Rim or walk on the Skywalk at the West Rim, you’ll want a warm jacket so you won’t be miserable if it is cold the day of your tour.


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