Benefits of Using Open Source Content Management Systems

Just a few years back, if you can remember the online market started in a debate on whether to go for open source or commercial source for content management systems. Over time, we could not reach a decision firmly but changed our own styles at our own individual levels. marmaris

At this point in time the standard is that we are going for open source content management system as well as commercial one. However, like commercial content management systems, open source CMS have also evolved. It is no longer difficult to find CMS panels that are customizable as per user preferences. Let us have a look at the benefits of open source CMS. OPEN SOURCE CONTENTS

Firstly, you do not need to pay to have access to the open source. If you were paying you would be making use of a commercial content management system. Although you don’t pay there is still the possibility that you may receive support and updates. Most open source CMS systems are community managed. This will then afford you the flexibility of changing the code yourself or leveraging off the code from others.

Secondly, commercial CMS gives limited support for changes to the users. As the code is proprietary you are not allowed to change the code. This effectively means that if the CMS does not meet business requirements you will find it difficult to make changes. Open source on the other hand welcomes changes in its code, it also welcomes users to redistribute the code. This effectively allows you to leverage off expertise of other users/developers in the industry.

Thirdly, the greatest of all features of open source content management systems comes in their universal capacities to adapt and install on any platform. This is the great feature that most commercial CMS systems lack. You will find custom tailored CM systems where as they have their own requirements for the user to ensure before they can operate. technoinstructor

Lastly, as open source CMS is managed by the community you will often find that templates and plug-in are freely available, there are normally plug-in that meet most business requirements.

In addition to above, the support you will receive from commercial content management system is directly related to the amount of money your spend on the support contracts. Although lead time freespaceusa on response and quality of response calls are very good this may become very costly. One benefit of CMS is that you will receive response from the community on issue that you may have. These responses are normally from people in the industry that are using the product and always have valuable information for you.

It is imperative that the knowledge and skills of the user can greatly affect the use and application of content management systems. However, flowactivo people with varying expertise have already switched their preferences as per their individual choices.


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