The Sims Review for the PC

The Sims for the PC doesn’t have the best graphics in the world (not even close) and it doesn’t have the best sound in the world, but it is compelling. When I was first introduced to this game my thought was what in the world could be so interesting about a game where you just make people live out their ordinary, everyday lives. Well, no sooner had I asked the question then I found myself up at five o’clock in the morning, all blurry eyed, chugging my tenth cup of coffee. See, the thing is, I still can’t tell you what is so darn interesting about this game, but I love it. I have bought all the expansion packs for this Sims and have started on Sims 2, plus I have tried all of the other console versions. This game seems to brings out the addictive nature in people.

The Sims is nothing if not innovative, kod na umiejętności the sims 4 creating a semi-realistic fantasy life for the masses of bored and lonely people. Choose your own looks, choose your partner’s looks, you can even choose a horde of great-looking people then make all of them fall in love with you. Yeah, that would be the life. Whatever your fantasy, make it come true, but with no consequences.

This game is always better if you use the cheats, make yourself rich or make your people always stay happy, so you can concentrate on the important things; like shopping. Build the house of your dreams or build a similar house to the one you live in right now then fix it up. There is no story line to follow, there are no missions, it’s all up to you how you spend your time on this game.

The Sims can be used to take your mind off your worries, relieve stress, or just fill up some time in your day. You can play it for months at a time, then stop, and pick up where you left off a year later. This is not a difficult game to learn how to play, if you can operate a computer you can play this game. If you have an addictive personality, play at your own risk and don’t be surprised if you notice a sudden lapse in time. Most of the time when I play hours will go buy when it feels like only minutes.


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