What Was I Thinking? Puppies and a Kids Business

My beloved miniature schnauzer, Ms. Essie, passed away six months ago. She was a senior citizen. Not remembering that I, too, am a senior citizen I purchased an 8 week old puppy, getaguard also a miniature schnauzer who I named Ms. Buffy. I had forgotten just how energetic puppies can be and how at my age it seems like I have less and less of that valuable commodity….energy!!! What was I thinking?

Aside from the expected mistakes in potty training, the chewing of everything within reach, and the wild bursts of puppy “crazies” that cause her to run around like something just shot out of a cannon I had forgotten about the walks, the playing catch and all the extras involved in raising a well adjusted pup. I started thinking about how in the world am I going to be able to keep up with Buffy. blacktopcomedy

One of my neighbors turned me on to a young girl of 14 who had started her own pet sitting service to earn some extra money. What a great idea. I called her up and made an appointment to meet with her and find out what her services included. I was amazed to see this young girl arrive at my home and hand me her business card along with a list of services she provides, a price list and a list of references. She was amazingly professional. After chatting a bit I found out that she had started this business just about 6 months ago and already had three employees. Needless to say, I hired her. Hardrockhealth

I did ask her who was guiding her about setting up her business as she seemed to be doing everything just right. She told me her Mother had purchased a new item for her on line after hearing about it on Fox Business News called Biz in a Boxx which was started by a woman who was teaching her own daughter to become a young entrepreneur. I had heard about kids in business, but I had actually never met one who had a viable entity like Mackenzie. I, personally, think there should be more kids in business. What a great advantage kids with business skills have to compete in a global economy and the world in general. I wish I had Mackenzie’s confidence when I was a teenager. Kudos to her Mom for having the foresight to give her daughter an edge for the future. lavelart

Ms. Buffy and Mackenzie are now taking long and hopefully meaningful walks together, playing catch at the park, and I am able to take a nap while they are gone to recoup my energy for an evening filled with potty accidents, chewing and puppy crazies. premiummagiccbd


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